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News, opinion and analysis from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

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Gordon Brown: We cannot miss this window of opportunity

Posted by Copenhagen
  • Monday, 7 December 2009 at 11:13 am
In the next two weeks the world has the chance to come together as a truly global community to take decisive action against climate change. We must reach a collective decision to effect a profound historical transformation: to take a new road to economic growth from the one on which we have travelled for two centuries.

Over that time, our prosperity has been rooted in enormous levels of consumption of natural resources; on burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees. Now we must radically reverse our behaviour and base economic progress and quality of life not on putting carbon into the atmosphere - but on taking it out. And by harnessing the expertise of engineers and scientists - and the ambition of entrepreneurs – we can build a sustainable low carbon economy; not just at home but across the planet.

Our aim in Copenhagen is a comprehensive and global agreement which is then converted to an international legally-binding treaty in no more than six months. The deal must also provide help to the poorest and most vulnerable countries. And no one should be in any doubt about the overwhelming scientific evidence which underpins the conference. In fact, the recent anti-scientific backlash which has been unleashed has exposed just what is at stake. So a strong deal in Copenhagen is essential.

It will not be easy, of course. Agreement will be hard won. But if we fail, the window of opportunity we have now may close. With more than 100 world leaders, including President Obama and Premier Wen Jiabao of China, attending the talks I am optimistic about what can be achieved. If we act, and act together with vision and resolve, success is within our grasp.


Window of Opportunity
midwinter1947 wrote:
Monday, 7 December 2009 at 11:54 am (UTC)
Completely agree with the thrust of this piece. It is absolutely essential that an agreement is reached.

On the subject of sceptics - I would like to bet that the former employees of Vestas on the Isle of Wight were not sceptics and so I would like to suggest that every effort is put into creating 'green' jobs. That way ordinary people will have a direct stake in the changes we need to make.
Brown: We cannot miss this window of opportunity
petefergie wrote:
Monday, 7 December 2009 at 03:02 pm (UTC)
What he really means is...

I cannot miss this window of opportunity to get my photo taken with Obama next week.

So-called experts said Aids would wipe out the human race.

Earlier this year so-called experts said Swine flu would wipe out the human race.

Can any so-called expert tell us with any certainty what next weeks weather will be?


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